Client Testimonials

"​When I took my first lesson with Tara I didnt even know how to hold the reins. Tara is very patient and knows how to teach with precision and simplicity, so you learn things correctly from the start. She is trustworthy and confident, which helps you push yourself beyond your comfort level. Tara is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all three phases of eventing, and is gifted in being able to share and teach what she knows to her students. Three short years later, not only have I competed in a number of rated events, I won 1st place in my division at Millbrook Horse Trials and am now competing at a level higher! I can say with all certainly that I would not have been anywhere near receiving that blue ribbon without Tara by my side. "

                                                            - Sophie Tallman

"I have been riding with Tara for years, and I can honestly say I have not met anyone else in her field that possesses the same teaching skills, patience and long time knowledge of the sport as Tara does. Tara teaches in a way that is customizable for each horse and rider, and never hesitates to put in her time to do anything that will help the student succeed. She is someone I have inherently trusted since the day we met, and i would not be anywhere close to where I am today without her. She has not only motivated me to push my comfort zones, but also let me do it at a rate Im comfortable with.  Tara is a true professional and I would recommend her to anyone, no matter of his or her age, goals, or skills!" 

​                                                    - Eliza Goldberg

"Even though I have only been training with Tara for about 2 years, I have no doubt that she has brought me further as a rider in these couple years than any of my previous trainers have in the past 10 years.  Tara does an impeccable job of figuring out each one of her students as a rider and as a person and applies that to teaching them. She will always find a way to help you understand what she wants you to learn.  She successfully teaches her students how to communicate and work with their mount as a pair in order to achieve greatness. Tara is a very Knowledgeable horse person as well as an extremely talented teacher. Not only will Tara make you a much stronger rider, but she will also further your knowledge of horses to a new level you didnt know possible" 

​                                                              - Alice Von staden

" I have been riding with Tara for just a few months now and I couldn't be happier with the change in my riding and my horse. In just these few months I have learned more than I have in 3 years of riding with other trainers. When I came to Tara I had totally lost my confidence from being pushed to do things we werent ready for, and in just a couple lessons she figured out the problem and had fixed it!  She lets you take the time you need and knows when your ready for the next step. Tara is easy to understand. English is not my first language, and she always finds a way to help me understand. Tara also has a lot of knowledge about horses in general so you can learn a lot from her other than just about your riding.  I am so happy I found Tara and I will never use another trainer, and I cant wait to see how far we go in the next few years!"

​                                      -Aggie Rybacka

      "As a long time student of Tara's, I can personally attest to her exceptional teaching and training skills. She possesses the knowledge, patience, and professionalism that is necessary in this field. She motivates in her teaching and by the end of each lesson you will not only feel more confident as a rider, but feel like you truly accomplished something.

      Additionally, if you dont understand a concept, Tara will always find a way to explain it so you do!  Along with her teaching skills Tara possesses the gift of figuring out each and every horse. Have her sit on your horse for a few minutes and you will be amazed by what you see! She has inspired me to become a professional in the Horse industry myself. I would not be where I am without her. I have the utmost respect for Tara and would recommend her to anyone!"

​                                                          - Danielle Zandirad

~Inspiring results in all levels and disciplines.